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Bordello milan

Lyrics : Yeah o yeah you seen me walk On burning bridges Yeah o yeah you seen me fall In love with witches And you know.
These are all photos/videos taken.
Ta-tar-ranta-ta-ta, super taran-ta ordinanza contro la prostituzione firenze taran-ta ran-ta ta, instead it's one in the mornin' and DJ is patchin' up the cords.Gogol Bordello - Santa Marinella english translation.We were good friends, then we were fine, then were okay, then burning something, that our lungs just couldn't stand, it rolled like snowball.Where is the band that like Fanfare.Have you ever been to American wedding.Gogol Bordello - 1/1/11 NYC - Never Released Track.Make sure that your wedding, doesn't end up like this, i understand the cultures.Sorry about filming vertically.SO be you Donald Trump, or be an anarchist.That it's time to go, people gotta get up early, yep, they gotta.And she's gotta boyfriend, and this whole fucking thing, is one huge disappointment.

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I tried to translate this song as close as possible to the russian and italian.
Eugene Hutz at BBC 6 Music.
Gonna keep it goin' 24 hours.
Trippin' over the.I think they liked.Ta-tar-ranta-ta-ta, super taran-ta taran-ta ran-ta ta, people gotta get up early.Where is the supply that gonna last three days.Of a different kind, but here word celebration, just doesn't come to mind.Wonderlust King, by Gogol Bordello.Where is the vodka, where's marinated herring.To all the non russian or/and italian speaking fans out there!Don't know why I thought it would be a good idea.

For no reason other than that." Sorry I had to cut off the end, the pit and the urge to dance.
The goal was to inspire them to travel and explore their world.
Everybody's full of cake, staring at the floor, proper couples start to mumble.