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Friday's class-Discourse-CUA.
DeCicco; John Dolan; Jude Dougherty and thai lesbian escort Review of Metaphysics; Paul Drumgoole; Kristin Delloth; Christine Driesson; Frances DeLaurentis; Bob Destro; Mary Dodson; Carolyn D'Avis; Father DeLella; Father Denis; Greg DePaul (student model).
2 Board of Regents, 1988 Prints of a Board of Regents event.
Box Folder 54 1 Faculty and Students, February 1988 Prints of faculty and students.2 Music, School of: Suzuki Institute, Summer 1990 Prints of children practicing string instruments at the Suzuki Institute.13 Publications: CUA Magazine: Summer, 1990, Prints of faculty and students, including Brian Walsh, Kelly O'Brien (Economics major Monira Hamarneh (BSN student the One Hundred and First Annual Commencement, and Graduation.(5/1982 Commencement / Honoraries (5/1982 x 4).Diamond Jubilee Reception;.C.Tighe (8/4 x 4 Father Butler (8/25 O'Boyle Hall (8/1977) 5 Contact Sheets and Negatives, 9/13/1977-11/1977 Unknown People (9/13 Campus Shots / Unknown Person (9/13 Annual Football Scrimmage (9/17 x 3 Monsignor Taggert (9/29 x 3 Chess / Dictionary Page (9/1977 Codex / Campus (9/1977.10 Athletics, Department of: Swimming, Slides of pool, divers, and swimmers.9 Faculty: Convey, John, February 1990 Prints of John Convey.Box Folder 149 1 Students on Campus: School Year: Folder 2, Slides, contact sheets, and negatives of students on campus; Student candid scenes; Students on campus-music school courtyard; Students at the Pryzbyla; Students in the library.York (1/30 Mel Krupin's Cocktail party-Friends of Hartke / Snow scenes (1/30 Snow scenes /.4 Contact Sheets and Negatives, April 1984 Womens Commission Meeting (4/2 Parents Weekend / University Club Luncheon-Ingrid Merkel / Law school legal clinic (4/4 Golden Age Endowment / Pio Laghi Convocation (4/6 Pio Laghi Convocation (4/6 x 2 Mary Lyn Henri / ABC Soap Opera.3 Contact Sheets and Negatives, October 1986 Father Marthaler's Religion class (10/2 Hispanic Association Reception (10/2 x 3 Eclipse / Sandy's opening (10/2 Glynn Wickhan-Director (10/8 Homecoming King and Queen announcement / Students hanging out (10/9 Women's Volleyball team (10/9 Women's Soccer / Women's Tennis.

Box Folder 1 1 Alumni: Children,.
Negatives and contact sheet of window repair of McMahon Hall.
17 Students: Headshots: Inside, Headshots of students, sometimes taken individually or in pairs or small groups.
7 Campus Buildings: Mullen Library, 2001 Slides of the outside view of Mullen Library.
2 Events: Homecoming, 1996 Contact sheets, negatives, and some slides of the Homecoming awards, Homecoming football game, and Homecoming plaque bannerheads.6 Students on Campus, August 1982 Slide of students in front of a campus building.Prints of the DuFour Athletic Center.Phyllis Chock (6/27) 2 Contact Sheets and Negatives, 7/3/1979-10/1979 Summer Opera / Rehearsals of Carmen (7/3 x 3 ncsss Workshop on Retirement / Sponsored by Center for the Study of Pre-Retirement and Aging (7/3-7/18 x.25 Campus Buildings: Butler Hall,.2 Departments and Offices: Admissions: Folder 1, Slides of students on campus.4 Music, School of, 1995 Slides, negatives, and some prints of a music student with her professor; 1995 Christmas Concert; Music students posing with their instruments; A student practicing the violin; Students on campus; Orchestral and theatrical performances.Student (1/16 John McCoy.-Eng.2 Campus: Snow Scenes, Slides, negatives, and a contact sheet of campus snow scenes and Christine Stevenson (2nd year Law student from Mountvale, NJ) with a snowman.6 Campus Ministry, Slides, negatives, and contact sheets of the campus set-up for Habitat for Humanity, New Student Mass, campus ministry group, campus ministry at Brookland Days, Joy Holder, Ash Wednesday at the Crypt Church, the campus ministry Alabama trip, and Father Mike in Brookland.

2 Studio Stills, 1991 Contact sheets and negatives of copywork-Janell Goetcheus; Copywork-Lechwolensa; Kit Pardee; Copywork-president of McDonalds; Fred Maroon shots; Copywork-Dena.