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Gogol bordello alcohol текст

gogol bordello alcohol текст

Yeah o yeah you aigles de trois rivières logo seen me walk.
Just to thank you one more time for everything you've done.
(Alcohol i was waiting long, long time (Alcohol).Writer(s ferguson eliot, gobena thomas T, hutz eugene, kaplan oren, lemshev yuri, ryabtzev sergey.Every time you come, just to thank you one more time.I've been waiting long long time - alcohol.Every time we break up, just to hit a higher note.Where is the supply that's gonna last three days?

"Alcohol" as written by storia di un bordello 2 Eliot Ferguson, Eugene Hutz, Oren Kaplan, Yuri Lemeshev, Sergey Ryabstev and Thomas Gobena.
Foreign Content, now you know that troia padova I'll pick up every time you call.
Dodaj wideo, wykonawca: Gogol Bordello, statystyki wykonawcy: Teksty55, tłumaczenia0, wideo1.
Autor tekstu: nieznany Tłumaczenie piosenki Gogol Bordello : Alcohol Nie ma jeszcze tłumaczenia dla tego utworu Bądź pierwszy i dodaj swoje tłumaczenie Dodaj swoje tłumaczenie Inne teksty wykonawcy Gogol Bordello Your Country "Your country raised you your country fed you And just like any other.Inside by stitches, yet you know I did survive.Every time you call, just to thank you one more time.Alcohol by Gogol Bordello, yeah o yeah you seen me walk.Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, so now you know I will survive every time you call.Just don't stab me in the back with cortisol.Just to thank you one more time, alcohol.And you know my head is held inside by stitches.

Alcohol, and you know that I'll survive.
Just don't stab me in the back with cartisol.
Given you bad name, yeah o yeah, cause without you.