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Malta escort news

In October 1939, the Mediterranean Fleet was transferred eastwards to Egypt, annunci girl reggio emilia stripping the island of its naval protection.
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Hitler had little choice other than to rescue his Italian ally or lose the chance of taking the Middle Eastern oilfields in Arabia.Would like to thank all that helped me in any way to be were i am today!Third, the preservation of his force was critical.A large part of the Axis defensive success was due to naval mines.In the Mediterranean and on Malta, the Allies recovered and began offensive operations against Axis shipping bringing supplies to the DAK in North Africa.

The capture of North African airfields and the bonus of having air protection all the way to the island enabled the ships to deliver 35,000 tons.
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British counter-attacks edit British U-class submarine When it became clear to the British that the Italian air forces were limited and having little impact on the population, which could endure, a steady stream of reinforcements arrived.
Malta, then a British colony, pitted the air forces and navies.
Minelaying by Axis aircraft also caused a steady rise in submarine losses.In April, 150,389 tons of supplies that were sent to North Africa from Italy reached their destination out of a total of 150,578.For other uses, see.This convoy is seen as the end of the two-year siege of Malta.261 Squadron RAF in August.From MayDecember, the first Bristol Blenheim units (.Malta was one of the most intensively bombed areas during the war.