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Minolta freedom escort af

I found it sitting on a le bettaix trois vallees webcam shelf with a 4 price tag and a full CR123A battery.
The Riva Mini has a 34mm/f3.5 lens, so no, it is no ordinanza contro la prostituzione firenze bokeh king.
Since I was about to move to another continent for a year and couldnt bring along a whole lot of things, the Riva Mini didnt make the cut.
Except that, much like the Leica trois rivieres activité Mini, the Riva also doesnt remember the flash mode certainly a concession to its primary target audience of the photographically uninitiated that would just forget theyd turned it off and its little rubbery buttons, while responsive, dont provide stellar.
Ad speak aside, Ive found that yes, that would be great and yes, with the Riva Mini in my pocket, Im ready.Point Shoot, posted on October 2, 2015, if you ask me, on any given day, whats in your jacket pocket?It pretty much looks like them.Additionally, if you would like to contribute a post of your own to 35mmc, click here!It has autofocus and a couple of flash modes, but it would be of little interest if it weren't for the fact that it is a close cousin of the.

Since the drugstore down the road sells CR123As for.95, this was less than half that price, and infinitely more fun.
The lens remains sharp even.5.
Edge to the Minolta, IMO, since it's an "unsung hero.".Its small and rugged enough to stuff into a jeans pocket, or throw into a bag, and it is totally, utterly unassuming.Interestingness: They both are equal in terms of being very good point and shoots.The lens is very sharp for such an unassuming little camera.After looking at the pictures it is clear that the Leica Mini II is similar, but not the same camera.

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My only serious digital camera is a Fuji X100S.