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Troie contatti

He killed my cousin.
We need to talk.
I wont incontri lecce bakeka let you start a war for her.
You roam from town to town, bedding merchants wives and temple mates.You came here because you want your name to last through the jessica rizzo escort ages.Ever seen a man die in combat?You shouldnt be here.Fifty thousand Greeks didn't cross the sea to watch.We need Achilles and his Myrmidons.

Women have always loved Paris, and he has loved them back.
They will write stories about your victories for thousands of years.
Wouldn't that be a sight?So long as a Trojan carries.Something has changed in him.How did you get in here?Get up, Prince of Troy.I knew they would come for you.

The history of our people was written with this sword.
He seeks to make peace with Troy, the most powerful rival to the merging Greek nation.
But this is different.