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Trollface quest

Perks, one perk this la forza del destino un'indagine del commissario bordelli version offers that version 1 did not is that the game automatically saves.
In this game, you don't play Trollface, but a Stick dude.
Click on the mugs to begin drinking but be careful!
Options, there are minimal user options available.The best strategy is to examine the whole stage before making any actions.More info: Trollface quest is game created by ppllaayy and A4 games.You might think you can simply make him go inside the cabin.

In Trollface Quest 13 all actions are made using mouse.
It is a mixture of a funny and troll game with an awesome puzzle game where you have to think outside the box to achieve your goal.
You had better be quick!
However, it will not open as soon as you click.You must help him get warm.The first two drinks seem to go down nice and smooth but the third might kill you!You must click on the thermometer to raise the temperature and make the snow go away.Click on the thermometer, wait till it reaches the red line, then hurry up and click on the door to open it and send stickman to warm shelter.